Brooklyn Bird Club Field Trips Late Fall 2015-Winter 2016 Schedule

Information and Registration

No registration is required for Prospect Park or Green-Wood Cemetery trips. For all other trips, advance registration is required; exact location and time of meeting will be provided at time of registration. Car pool fees are required for some trips and should be paid directly to your driver.

In noting the need to make trip registrations more manageable and fair, the BBC council has imposed these guidelines:

  • With the exception of Prospect Park and Green-wood Cemetery trips, a TWO-WEEK registration period will precede all trips.

  • Club members will be given first-priority for all trips except Prospect and Green-wood Cemetery. Nonmembers and guests are welcome on BBC trips but only if there is available space at the end of the registration period. Drivers, whether members or not, will normally have priority over non-drivers. Full weekend (overnight) trips are reserved for members only.

  • Children 14 years of age or younger are welcome on trips but must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

  • Some trips have limited enrollment, at the discretion of the trip leader. So register early! In addition, most car trips require lunch, water, appropriate clothes for seasonal weather, and all the essentials you require for day trips.

  • Please call registrars as early as possible within the registration period, and before 9 p.m. Please be sure to leave your phone number(s) so that we may contact you in the event of a schedule change.

  • Status changes of a trip due to inclement weather will be posted on our Facebook page and also on Peter Dorosh's blog: Please check before leaving for the trip if the weather looks questionable.

    We hope these guidelines will facilitate the registration process in the fairest possible way.

    The registrar and information source for each trip is listed at the end of the trip description.

  • Images of Prospect Park meeting places:

    Grand Army plaza Stranahan Statue:
    Bartel Pritchard Square entrance:
    Plaza St/ Union St Warren Statue:
    Ocean Avenue and Parkside Avenue Pergola
  • Jumping Birds

    Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Seasonal Prospect Park Walks 2015

    No registration is required for these weekly walks in Prospect Park during migration season.

    TUESDAYS: Sept 8th, Sept 15th, Sept 22nd, Sept 29th, Oct 6th, Oct 13th , Oct 20th

    Leader: Rob Bate or Bobbi Manian. Meet at Bartel Pritchard Square park entrance at 7:30 a.m.

    THURSDAYS: August 27th, Sept 3rd, Sept 10th, Sept 17th, Sept 24th, Oct 1st, Oct 8th, Oct 15th

    Leader: Tom Stephenson. Meet at the Stranahan Statue, Grand Army Plaza, at 7:15 a.m.

    SATURDAYS: Sept 5th, Sept 12th, Sept 19th, Sept 26th, Oct 3rd, Oct 10th, Oct 17th

    Leader: Dennis Hrehowsik. Meet at Ocean/Parkside Avenues “The Pergola” at 7:15 a.m.

    (Note: due to possible scheduling conflicts, leader substitutions may be made for some dates.)


    Walks from the Prospect Park Audubon Center

    First Sunday of every month, 8 a.m. (10 a.m. in winter): This walk explores the Park in seach of rare, seasonal and migrating species.

    Introduction to Birdwatching, Saturdays, 12 p.m.: Find out why Prospect Park is designated an Important Birding Area by the National Audubon Society. Binoculars provided (or bring your own).

    NOTE: These walks start from the Audubon Center at the Boathouse, Prospect Park and are led by Brooklyn Bird Club members Michele Dreger and/or Eni and Vinnie Falci.

    snipeSaturday Oct 10th Saturday Autumn Series Prospect Park (see box at top of page)
    Leader: Dennis Hrehowsik

    snipeSunday, October 18th , Marine Park Sparrows
    Leader: Sean Zimmer
    Focus: Fall migrants peak of sparrows. Raptors, late season warblers, marsh and water birds.
    Car fee: $10.00 (or public transportation)
    Registrar: Kathy Toomey email
    Registration Period: Oct 6th - Oct 15th

    snipeOctober 23rd - 25th Weekends: Autumn in New Jersey's northern Highlands
    (Members only, limit 12)
    Leader: Peter Dorosh
    Focus: Fall migrants various locations, including two hawk watches; primarily hawks and sparrows, open space species.
    Car fee: $120 .00
    Registrar: Peter Dorosh (preferred) or 347-622-3559 text
    Registration Period: June 1st - Oct 11th

    snipeSaturday, October 31st: Floyd Bennett Field Preserve
    Leaders: Tom Stephenson and Heydi Lopes
    Focus: sparrows, raptors, early winter species
    Car Fee: $10.00
    Registrar: Bobbi Manian
    Registration Period: October 24th - October 29th

    snipeSunday, November 8th: Fresh Kills Park and Staten Island Locales
    Leader: Seth Wollney
    Focus: sparrows, raptors, early winter species
    Car Fee: $22.00
    Registrar: Peter Dorosh, or text only cell 347-622-3559
    Registration Period: October 31st - November 5th
    Note: Fresh Kills Park section partly opened to the public this past summer. Site profile

    snipeSaturday, November 14th: "BQ Wildcard"
    Leaders: Bobbi Manian and Dennis Hrehowsik
    Focus: the latest Rare Bird Alert reports and listserve postings for quality birds in Brooklyn & /or Queens
    Car Fee: $12.00
    Registrar: Dennis Hrehowsik
    Registration Period: November 7th - November 12th

    snipeSaturday, November 21st: Hiking the Long Island Greenbelt: Heckscher State Park and Bayard Arboretum
    Leader: Peter Dorosh
    Focus: waterfowl, winter species, raptors, rarity potential
    Registrar: Peter Dorosh or text only cell # 347-622-3559
    Registration Period: November 14th - November 19th
    Note: This is a Long Island Railroad trip. The registrar will inform participants of the train departure time from the Atlantic Ave terminal. There is extensive walking, likely 5 plus miles. Wear comfortable shoes or light hikers; bring lunch and water. Site profile

    snipeSunday, December 6th: Prospect Park
    Leader: Dennis Hrehowsik
    Focus: winter migrants, waterfowl, ducks, and raptors
    No registration necessary. Meet at 8:00 am at the "Pergola ," Ocean and Parkside Avenues park entrance . Nearest train stop: "Q" local stop at Parkside Avenue; otherwise express "B" stops at Prospect Park, walk south along Ocean Avenue

    snipeSaturday, December 12th: Fort Tilden and Breezy Point Seabirds Walk
    Leader: Peter Dorosh
    Focus: Hiking the Western Rockaway terminus for seabirds and dune species. 6 + miles -extensive walking.
    Registrar: Peter Dorosh or cell # 347-622-3559 (text only)
    Registration Period: December 5th - December 10th
    Meet: 8 am at Flatbush Avenue's Target Store main entrance for the Q 35 bus terminus stop. This retail locale is accessed from the IRT train last stop "Flatbush Avenue/ Brooklyn College ". . Walk south two blocks on Flatbush Avenue

    snipeSaturday, December 19th: 116th Christmas Bird Count The great annual winter event that champions citizen science, today the longest voluntary bird census on the North American continent. Started in 1909 as a protest against the "holiday side hunts" for the largest kill collection by hunters, ornithologist Frank K Chapman organized with twenty-seven of his friends and volunteers to count birds that garnered much media attention; twenty-five Christmas Bird Counts were held that day, tallying 90 species. Since then the Christmas Bird Census has become the best loved event that encompasses over tens of thousands of birders of all skills counting birds in all sorts of weather in this critical data collection of sightings to the great benefit of science.
    Teams Organizer: Bobbi Manian
    Dinner/Count Coordinator: Heidi Nanz or call before 8 pm 718-369-2116

    snipeSaturday, January 2nd: Marathon Tour of Brooklyn's Southern Beaches
    Leader: Peter Dorosh
    Focus: winter gulls, ducks, sea bird waterfowl, waterbirds; dune species.
    Registrar: Peter Dorosh 347-622-3559 (text only) (for more info)
    Meet: 8:00 am at the Q train stop "Brighton Beach" off hours section benches by token booth
    Note: The total hike will approach 9 miles, birding first Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, little known Manhattan Beach, Plumb Beach, then in reverse back towards Coney Island, Norton Point and Coney Island Creek. This is an all day affair. We return to Stillwell Avenue train terminal. Dress warm or appropriate winter wear and proper footwear. We may stop in a diner or eatery on Emmons Ave.

    snipeSaturday, January 9th: Pelham Bay Park, Bronx
    Leader: Jack Rothman
    Focus: Woods birding, winter species, raptors, coastal birding for ducks and other waterfowl a
    Car Fee: $20.00
    Registrar: Janet Schumacher or 718-594-7480
    Registration Period:
    January 2nd - January 7th

    snipeSunday, January 17th: Prospect Park Winter Walk
    Leader: Ed Crowne
    Focus: winter songbird species, ducks, raptors
    No registration necessary. Meet at 8:30 am at park entrance Bartel Pritchard Square Nearest train is "F" line to Prospect Park stop

    snipeSaturday, January 23rd: Jones Beach, Long Island
    Leader: Mike Yuan
    Focus: coastal species, waterbirds, sea ducks, raptors, dune passerines
    Car Fee: $22.00
    Registrar: Mike Yuan
    Registration Period: January 16th - January 21st

    snipeSunday, January 31st: Brooklyn's southwest coast
    Leader: Dan Frazer cell # 347-355-1330, (info)
    Focus: Coastal species, waterbirds, sea ducks, raptors
    No registration necessary. Meet: 8:30 am at TD Bank below the Bay Parkway train stop "D" line:
    Note: the primary birding locations are Caesar's Bay locale and nearby BJ's retailer coast views, Calvert Vaux/Drier Offerman park area. A bus runs towards Caesar's Bay from the train stop.

    snipeSaturday February 13th: Bush Terminal Park
    : Chris Laskowski cell #646-236-6167;
    Focus: a morning tour that may also include at leader's discretion and afterwards Greenwood Cemetery or otherwise another coastal location for waterbirds, gulls, and winter passerines. Site profile
    No registration necessary. Meet: 9:00 am outside on the west corner above the R train stop "45th Street". (Brooklyn)



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